Francisco Costa

2010 with a Tin Foil Hat

Today I realize that 2009 is ending!!! woow

Tin Foil Hat

I started to think about what happened this year that had impact on me. Well, a lot of good things happened but the truth is that 2009 was a meh year.

I spent most of my time thinking and working on what may happen in 2010, so at the end of the year I feel like I’m awaking to reality!

I do have some great expectations to 2010 and today while sincroWEBing the Christmas stream I found this piece of art that express my feeling…

Scott Dunbar – One Man Band Singing Tin Foil Hat

Codebits 2009

For the next days I will be in Lisbon attending Codebits. I’ve already attended in 2007 and the experience of being competing in a coding marathon contest was great!

Codebits 2009

This year the purpose is a bit different since I’m more interested in networking and observing some tech-trends and the competitions ideas, but expectations are higher than never.

Now let’s pack the stuff and get the ticket train with 20% discount (SAPO keeps surprising participants with these small details).

Why should designers think big

What is design all about? The beauty of things? The simplicity?

Think Big

Tim Brown give us some examples why designers should think big while creating their projects. This kind of thinking can make a significant difference in the evolution of technology and societies and we have to know that taking chances is more important than failing!

We need more creativity in the world and everybody has some. That’s all the motivation we need to live our lives thinking on changing the world for the better!

Why I Love Linux

Linux: Legally free to copy, modify, share and redistribute.
The more you share, the more you receive.

Windows: Do not lend or make illegal copies of this software.
The more you take, the more you lose.