Francisco Costa

FriendFeed – my #1 source of information

This may be a controversial article, and many people may disagree with me, but it reflects my opinion on why FriendFeed is the ultimate tool for keeping me updated on the Internet.

FriendFeed Logo

My experience with FriendFeed started a long time ago, but only in the last couple of months I’ve started to using it more extensively. The main reason is because of the redesign the company did on the service. Yes, this new design (with some minor new functionalities) made me fall in love with the application. You can get a better feeling of it at VentureBeat: FriendFeed’s redesign combines publishing and IM better than Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter vs FriendFeed

I have to say that I’m a huge fan of Twitter and that’s probably the reason I don’t blog more often. But Twitter has become a bit of a problem to me. I like to follow people that I think that are relevant to my interests, but I also like to follow back people who think my tweets are interesting. I could well follow about 50 different individuals to keep me updated about web stuff, but when I passed the 150 followers my stream become unreadable and full of non-interesting information. I could use some Twitter client to organize all those people into groups, but I’m a huge fan of open-source and most of those apps are built under Adobe Air.

Where does FriendFeed fills in?

FriendFeed has some unique features that solves my problems. On FriendFeed you can add all you social profiles, so when you follow someone you don’t subscribe only to his Twitter account but you can also see their YouTube favorite videos or Flickr photos. You can also sort your contacts in different groups and you don’t need to refresh your browser for updates. You even don’t need to click on external links to watch videos or photos. Another big advantage is that you can comment others content and consequently do a better track of conversations. You are not limited to 140 characters and you can integrate your account with all others social networks such us delicious or Facebook. FriendFeed also has some other really sensible and useful features such as lists (a specific list of friends or people you subscribe to). You can get it all at the help page.
With FriendFeed you can get all the juice of an occasional chat.

The verdict

Right now I’m using FriendFeed has the main source of information and I see some growth in the number of followers on Twitter. If you haven’t tried already, spend a few moments on it and give it a try.