Francisco Costa


Last week I’ve attend to Cloudviews 2009 – Cloud Computing Conference at ISEP in Oporto.

It was with surprise that I realize this conference would take place in my town because most of the international events happen in Lisbon. Maybe because the team at Cloudviews is somehow related with ISEP.
The mains theme of the conference was “To Cloud or not to Cloud” and all the speakers tried their best to answer this question.

Cloudviews - Cloud Computing Conference 2009

In general I think the conference was well organized but I was hopping to see more people attending it. Some of the speakers were from well known companies in the IT industry like Salesforce, IBM, Amazon or even OpenID and got surprise when I realize this was a free conference with free lunch (very nice btw) and free snacks.

I just subscribed the Cloud Computing Daily Views and I want to congratulate the team for their dedication and talent. Hope to see you in the next year!

And quoting Gerrit Huizenga

The era of cloud computing is just beginning.